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The project

A fragment of one of the five thematic installations, which are united by the theme of the FIVE ELEMENTS (WATER/AIR/EARTH/FIRE/ETHER). The different colors with which the ELEMENTS are marked enable the thematic zoning of the space.

«TURTLE CHESS» is a representative of the water element. The sense of semi-transparency and water volume in the interior is emphasized by the use of glass with a printed print on the doors and partitions.

The interior is proposed to be made in a checkerboard style using a combination of micro/macro cells (pixels) in objects and draperies (blue-green scale);

«LIGHT PARACHUTES», «LIGHT BALLOONS» and «LIGHT ZEPPELINS» - air element (white-blue scale);

«LIGHT FLOWERS» - earth (yellow-umbric scale);

«PEOPLE IN THE FOG ...» - ether (white-gray scale);

«BIRDS (PEACOCKS)» - fire (orange-red + violet)

The door is like a picture plane for fantasies, symbolizing a portal to another dimension...

IMG_2354 копія.jpg
ЧИСТОВИК21 копія.jpg
фігури копія.jpg
гагауточка копія.jpg
часы фігури копія.jpg
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