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we were inspired by the NATURE with its immeasurable fantasy in which we learn the balance of harmony and simplicity.

The octagonal shape of «LIGHT FLOWERS» is an ancient symbol of the SUN - a symbol that gives protection and support in all good undertakings ...

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collection of pendant lampshades

Original light flying vehicles that don't just fill the interior with light, but also make it extraordinary, cozy and memorable.
Airy lamps look like real flying machines soaring at height, and its cheerful passengers that enjoy the flight enhance the charm and positive energy within the atmosphere ...

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Magnetic chess set "TURTLE CHESS" for fridge is not just a set for playing chess, but also a decorative accent in the kitchen, dining or living room.
With a marker on the turtle's tail that indicates who have to make the next move, you can play one game for an unlimited time, make your move every time you come to the fridge.
The turtle chessboard is easily magnetized, also easily removed and can be transferred to another fridge, school or office board, it can be magnetized to any metal surface.


sculptural - souvenir collection

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collection of bedside lamps


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A series of bedside lamps «Shining Dolls» - this is a wonderful story of the doll's life, who are always ready to give you light and real emotions. Dolls like adventure, walking on the beach under the stars, and long conversations about the love stories. Find your doll and give her the opportunity to share with you the most secret!
This lamp will certainly find place in your house. Choose your character, you will be together to read books, draw, revise the photos from childhood and share stories ...

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of designer
table lamps

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