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Family creative workshop
of author's handcraft products

ARTBUZ`s products - an excellent combination of the philosophy of «lightness and harmony» with contemporary art. With the help of artistic thought steel, acrylic and fabric transform familiar interior, whether it is a chandelier, sconce or wall clocks, in the fascinating works of art. Easily fitting in your design, they become a real highlight of your home. As air and weightless, they take their place in space and give the room a personal touch.

«ARTBUZ» creative workshop shows a remarkable embodiment of ideas, capturing how unusual idea, and the perfect embodiment of which is highly appreciated in the international competitions of architecture and design.
Own production base allows the company not only to invent, but also to create art objects, interior items, decor, and author's lighting. Each work is absolutely unique, created handmade only and has the highest quality.
Series of lamps «Lighter than Air», «Shining Dolls», «Luminous Garden», sculpture & souvenir series «Time Whirl» are just a small part of the creative projects implemented by the ARTBUZ's team and realized all over the world.

By purchasing ARTBUZ's products - make sure you get a piece of art that will give you and your friends a lot of great experiences, your home comfort and emotion. Every day you'll see something new in your purchase: a new emotion, a new fantasy, a new dream ...
Join to our family and be assured - this is exactly what you are looking for!


ARTBUZ®️ (since 2003)

Our Team

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