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«LIGHT BALLOON» is a collapsible pendant light designed by Oleksii Shevchuk and stylized as a hot air balloon - made of metal frame, light-scattering fabric shell and decor elements.
Have fun relocating the freely swinging passengers (lady & gentleman) as per your mood - bring them closer for an intimate mood or position them apart for busier days - signifies that no matter what, you will hang on and remain on the same boat always.

Pendant lights of series «LIGHTER THAN AIR» consists of original light flying vehicles that don't just fill the interior with light, but also make it extraordinary, cozy and memorable. Airy lamps look like real flying machines soaring at height, and its sculptural cheerful passengers that enjoy the flight enhance the charm and positive energy within the atmosphere.
The series has an educational mission, immersing connoisseurs in the history of the creation of flying objects by the genius Leonardo da Vinci, the Montgolfier brothers, Ferdinand Von Zeppelin - inventors who embodied the romantic strives of human for flight ...
• Pendant lights for most interior spaces: it could be an apartment, restaurant, office center etc - pendant lights match well with all interior styles. Light flying vehicles can be used separately or harmoniously combined in a large light installations creating the feeling of being at an aeronautics parade.
• A perfect kit that includes all the necessary parts for assembly (easy to assemble by hand without tools) and mounting which will take about 10 minutes (the product is completed with the assembly instruction, it also contains the address of the video instruction on YouTube).
• We designed and produced an unique assembly unit for the radial connection of wire details, which is the basis of our collapsible pendant lights, and reduced the packaging dimensions twenty times. The assembly unit is universal and fit with standard certified (UL/CE/UK etc) lampholders (light sockets) with thread on the body and a shade ring. The lamps are light and fit within the weight limits for certified cord sets which guarantees permission for use in different countries of the world. We also make our pendant lights from certified materials: fabric, metal and electroplating.
• We are constantly improving our products, therefore we reserve the right to make minor changes to the configuration, complete set, production technology and other attributes in order to improve its operational and aesthetic properties.

PERSONALIZATION (optional and free):

Add your text (first and last name, wishes, date etc) and choose a design for your personalization (keychain that will hang in the hand of a boy or girl figurine) from six different designs. Please note that the keychain is not big, preferably that your text is no more than 3–5 words.


• Materials: Metal (steel); Nickel (electroplating); Light-scattering fabric shell (removable, can be washed in a washing machine +30°C (≈ 86°F)
• Lampholder: 1 piece E26/E27 (universal lampholder that fits any E26 (US) and E27 (EU) LED light bulb).
• Number of lights: 1 LED light bulb (not included in the kit).
• Electric pendant cord set is adjustable (length 100cm (39.4 inches), we can make it shorter or longer by your request.
• Pendant light is compatible with US (100V/127V) and EU (220/240V) voltages.
• Pendant light is equipped with a ceiling cup diameter 12.5 cm (4.9 inches).
• We can make the pendant light not hardwired (without ceiling cup): the pendant light can be with a plug in for the socket (any type for any country) and ceiling/wall mounts for the electrical wire.
• Assembled product dimensions: Height - 60 cm (23.6 inches); Diameter - 44 cm (17.3 inches)
• Packaged product dimensions: 50.5 х 21.5 х 5 cm (19.7 x 8.5 x 2.2 inches)
• Assembled product weight: 1230 g = 2.7 lb
• Packaged product weight: 1600 g = 3.5 lb


- All our pendant lights are compatible with US (100V/127V) and EU (220/240V) voltages.
- The electrical light sockets that we use in our pendant lights are compatible for US (E26) and EU (E27) light bulbs.
- We complete our pendant lights with large white ceiling cup (diameter 4.9 inches = 12.5 cm) for all US and EU customers due to the fact that we know that in US larger ceiling mounting holes than in EU.
- PLEASE NOTE that you can order non hardwired pendant light, just select "Lamp with US plug" if you need US plug, or "Lamp with EU plug" if you need EU plug. The pendant light will come with cord length - 13 feet (4 meters) and ceiling/wall mounts for the cord - 8 pieces.
If your ceiling has a hook or something else that you can hang the pendant light on, please contact us via Etsy private messages and we will complete your pendant light with a special fixing piece for wire.
- "Decor (not lamp)" option assumes the complete set of the flying vehicle without light socket (not lamp), it will be just a hanging decor, everything you need for mounting and hanging is included in the kit (hanging wire with a collet and a ceiling cup).
- "Lampshade (no cord)" option assumes the complete set of the lamp without light socket (use your light socket with thread on the body and a shade ring), also without wire and ceiling cup (use your ceiling cup).


- Light bulb(s) (new lamps are almost never (or even never) equipped with light bulb(s), their delivery is problematic by postal service, and customers have their own preferences regarding the power and glow colors:
1. Only LED bulbs with E26 - E27 base can be used in our lamps (both will fit).
2. In order for the lamp to perform its lighting function, we recommend using light bulbs with a power of 10W - 20W (we use 15W at home).
3. For us, the optimal choice of glow temperature is 4000K - 4100K, this is natural white light, not warm and not cold.
- Dowels and self-tapping screws for the ceiling cup and wire mounts (ceilings and walls are constructed from different materials, the length and type of dowels and self-tapping screws must be selected in each case).
- Assembly tools (our lamps are easy to assemble by hand without tools, although some parts have sockets for screwdrivers or hexes, but they are not required).

If you have any questions regarding the product, its customization, cooperation, or any other, please feel free to contact us! We are always in touch and will definitely answer you within 12 hours (usually immediately).

Designed by Oleksii Shevchuk
Produced by «ARTBUZ®» creative workshop

«LIGHT BALLOON» pendant lamp

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