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Festoon lights, garland of five «LIGHT BAGS».

When I was a child, on warm summer evenings I with my friends enjoyed flying lights of fireflies and caught them, collecting in cloth bags, who is more ... It was our competition.
One day a curious case happened to me:
In the dark, I caught a smoking man's cigarette instead of a firefly, both were scared!
This story is very memorable to me and I wanted to perpetuate it.
This is how the «LIGHT BAG» was created.

When we ship «LIGHT BAG» to the US, it is completed with a wire (67” length) with switch and US plug in.When we ship «LIGHT BAG» to other countries, it is completed with a wire (170 cm length) with switch and EU plug in.

The length of the garland in the stretched position - 160 cm (63 inch), not including the wire with switch and plug in.
The length of the wire between the bags - 40 cm (15.7 inch)
Tail wire length at the end with switch and plug - 170 cm (67 inch)
Garland weight - 900 g (1.98 lb)
* At your request, we can make a garland of more bags and any other long wire you want, just contact us for custom order.

Steel, electroplated nickel, electrical accessories, light-scattering fabric shells (removable, can be washed in a washing machine on delicate cycle).

Designed by Alexey Shevchuk
Produced by «ARTBUZ®» creative workshop

«LIGHT BAGS» festoon lights

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