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Table doll lamp / bedside night lamp «AKIMBO DOLL» (of series «Shining Dolls»).

So different and so wonderful!
A series of lamps «Shining Dolls» - is a wonderful story of the doll's life, who are always ready to give you light and cozy. Dolls like adventures, walking on the beach under the stars and long conversations about the love stories. This lamp will certainly find place in your home. Choose your doll, you will read books together, draw, review photos from childhood and share stories ...

When we ship doll to the US, it is completed with a wire (67” length) with switch and US plug in.
When we ship doll to other countries, it is completed with a wire (170 cm length) with switch and EU plug in.

Steel, powder paint.
You can choose any color you want.

Height - 31 cm (12,2 in)
Diameter - 15 cm (5,9 in)
Weight - 1,7 kg (3,7 lb)

* Handmade product, dimensions and weight may vary slightly.

Designed by Alexey Shevchuk
Produced by «ARTBUZ®» creative workshop

«AKIMBO DOLL» table lamp

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