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The sculpture series «NAIVE ARK» is made of a metal wire frame, hay and acrylic paint, in a single copy under a license agreement with the grandchildren of Mary Primachenko.

Alexey Shevchuk’s Art Project «NAIVE ARK» is sculptural installation of HAYSKRIPTS as a fantasy-reflection and a tribute to creative activity of great Ukrainian – miss Maria Primachenko.

Alexey Shevchuk «animates» pictorial motifs, translates them into a sculptural 3D format of 9 characters of Primachenko’s fantastic beasts and suggests that patterns on animals – this is encrypted message to the future generations in the form of allegorical formulas:

The central figure of the installation is a sculpture of MASTER herself - Maria Prymachenko - female philosopher, creator of the cowherd-Tripoli Baba, symbol of fertility and beauty.

Sculptural composition of fantastic animals on blocks of hay – is a naive and at the same time COSMIC ARK, that is led by philosopher- artist, who asserts the idea of ​​spiritual salvation of humanity by means of a kind of fantasies.

The sculptures are made ​​of hay - a simple, naive, natural material – that is resembling a multidimensional structure of the universe, which in turn consists of fine threads that are connecting space ...

«NAIVE ARK» based on paintings by Ukrainian naive artist Maria Prymachenko (1/1)

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